Our team consists of professionals in various fields who have many years of experience in IT-development, advertising and marketing, trading and investing.
We adhere to the highest professional standards.

Anton Tokman

Entrepreneur and business partner in various fields, with over 15 years of experience. Has different experience in building business processes B2B, B2C, C2C and startups. Developed and participated as a business partner in such areas as: IT-technology and engineering, programming Hi-Tech equipment installation, HoReCa, TV media “Channel One”. Trader investor in Forex and Cryptocurrency markets.

Maksim Kalinin

Financial Analyst
A trader with 5 years of experience in Forex and Cryptocurrency markets. A specialist in the field of financial markets. Specialization: support, investment decisions through technical and fundamental analysis and development of trading strategies and systems. Entrepreneur with extensive experience in such areas as: Public Procurement, HoReCa, Industrial Services (vehicles), trade, IT – technology. Blockchain enthusiast.

Anatoliy Frolovskiy

Lead Programmer
Lead programmer. Experience in development of more than 10 years, more than 5 years of development in the field of Blockchain infrastructure. Fluency in 9 programming languages, experience in design and implementation of projects involving more than 30 people. A supporter of open source code and standardization of development.

Sergey Egorov

Specialist in back-end technology. Adept of Python and Javascript languages. 5 years of experience in programming and automation of accounting of large enterprises. He has repeatedly participated in software development projects for industrial enterprises. He is an enthusiast in the field of financial analysis and accounting.

Aleksey Kudryashov

Front-End Deverloper
IT-specialist in the field of software development. Possesses technical knowledge in Front-end technologies. Participates in the design of the project architecture. Conduct market Analytics, implementation consultant

Dmitriy Kuznetcov

Senior Marketing
More than 10 years of experience in advertising. Successful organization of PR campaigns. Member of the team: Garage, Roxbury, ASG, Seline, ICO factory, Appnow, Titan Coin, Bauman Lab.

Sofiya Karimova

Leading PR-Specialist
More than 8 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Successful formation and promotion of SMM products. Experience in drawing up technical and project documentation, developing the concept and strategy of the product development, making decisions based on analytical data, determining key product metrics and concentrating on its growth.

Yana Dubrovskaya

More than 10 years of experience in graphic design, visual communications, development of web-applications and interfaces of various levels of complexity, for small and medium businesses.



The main assistant in stock exchange and investment on the cryptocurrency market.

Mission of CTL group

We will make crypto trading available!

To purchase a token, you have to:

To purchase CTLcoin with BTC / BCH / DASH / ETC/ NEO / ZEC and other currency, use the CoinPayments.net service, specifying the ETH wallet to which you will receive CTLcoin in the payment comment.

If you want to buy a smaller amount or you prefer to use the interface of the exchange, then you can use the decentralized exchange:
To be able to see your CTL tokens in the wallet, you need add our token address inside MetaMask, MyEtheriumWallet, Mist, Parity 0x2196E47caCB13AF456d89C2601fC0d3B9b76FC91
●     In any case do not use the wallet addresses of stock exchanges, otherwise you will not receive CTL tokens. You have to use one of the standard . MetaMask, MyEtheriumWallet, Mist, Parity.
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