Bitcoin Revolution Review

In the cryptocurrency market, the Bitcoin has maintained an undisputed position at the top of the list over other cryptocurrencies. Over time, there have been market changes, which are expected in the financial markets. However, the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still in high demand.

In 2017, the value of Bitcoin rose as high as $20,000. This appreciation was absolutely unexpected. It caused the major players in Wall Street to focus on Bitcoin Futures as a way of managing the cryptocurrency and regulating its price.

We have closely studied the Bitcoin, and we can affirm that Bitcoin remains an excellent choice regarding the financial investment. This is why we have dedicated our time to study and review the Bitcoin Revolution- it is a special AI-based system for trading in Bitcoin.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

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Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit? Yes!

One of the goals of cryptocurrency traders is making more profits after each trading session. This means they are constantly looking for the best trading platform to have the edge over other traders in the cryptocurrency market. Considering the competitive nature of the market, you need to make the best decision regarding trading platforms. This is why we have painstakingly studied the Bitcoin Revolution, and our discoveries have been more than satisfactory, and we can recommend it to all traders. Let’s talk more about what we found out.

The first thing we noticed about the Bitcoin Revolution platform is its unique features, which made it stand out from the rest. You can enjoy the automated features and continue trading with a consistent appreciation in your earnings.

The developers have proven that they are committed to offering traders an excellent and easy to use trading platform for the most popular cryptocurrency – the Bitcoin.

There have been some questions about the benefits of the Bitcoin Revolution and if it is worth the time or investment. We have stated our unbiased deductions below;

Is Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Not: The Verdict!

  1. It didn’t take us long to discover that the Bitcoin Revolution, as a trading robot, was able to ensure its users achieve a high and consistent success rate.
  2. Experienced traders can confidently apply measures to mitigate risks in the cryptocurrency market while using this intelligent trading robot.
  3. After trading on the platform with the lowest deposit of $250, we are impressed with the results. If you are already familiar with cryptocurrency trading methods, you can easily achieve a high success rate just like we did with $250.
  4. It is worth your investment. Getting started is easy. You can open an account in a few minutes and start trading with the Bitcoin Revolution.
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In the following part of this review, we will be writing about a general overview of the Bitcoin Revolution. Let’s start with an explanation of what it is.

What is Bitcoin Revolution

The intensity of the cryptocurrency market has made it necessary for traders to make quicker decisions and perform transactions faster. These demands led to the development of the Bitcoin Revolution to offer traders an automated trading platform and more leverage in the market. The Bitcoin Revolution is secure and effective. We observed that transactions could be initiated and completed remarkably faster than other trading systems. We sought to understand how it works so fast and effectively. Our studies revealed that the Bitcoin Revolution is enhanced with a unique algorithm that can interpret and process the market signals faster (in a split second). After comparing this feature with other cryptocurrency trading robots, it was apparent that the Bitcoin Revolution stood out.


It is said that the Bitcoin Revolution project is funded and managed by a team of brokers who are experienced, Bitcoin traders. They sought to develop excellent automated trading software that features a responsive platform with high usability, and an innovative algorithm. The outcome of this investment has been outstanding.

Features of the Bitcoin Revolution

All registered users are given access to use all the features of the Bitcoin Revolution for free. This decision was taken to encourage more traders to use the trading bot which has helped the developers earn high volume trades. After a successful trade, the user remits 1% of their gains to the system. To start trading with the Bitcoin Revolution, you will be required to register an account, link your account to one of the brokers, fund it and start. It is a quick process which can be completed in a few minutes. The remittance from successful trades has been set at a low value because the developers are confident that every user on the system will earn remarkable profits.


Creating your account

On the platform, there is a list of brokers who can be linked with users. After depositing the funds required for trading, the user is expected to select a broker from the list and link their trading account.

The auto trade feature

After linking an account to a broker, users can activate the auto trade feature and allow the system to perform the transactions. However, limits can be set to determine the volume of trade done on the system. It should also be noted that the user should select trade settings based on the current market and projections, considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Performing a trade

It is free; users can create an account at no cost. To activate live trades, it is essential that the account is funded.

Official Bitcoin Revolution SiteOpen Free Account in 47 Seconds

Guide to open and register an account

  1. Registration process

On the official website, users complete a form with information such as full name, password, and contact information such as email or phone number. After registering an account, it will be linked with a broker on the system and trading can commence once a deposit has been made.


  1. Demo account for Trading

Users who would like to have a trading experience can set up a demo account. This feature allows new users to try the trading robot and determine if it is a good match for their trading activities. After practicing with the demo account, the user can start the auto trade system.

  1. Live Account

We observed that users who have funded their accounts are given access to the trading room. Here they can determine the parameters to guide their trading activities. Some of the tagged features on the user-interface are described below;

  • “Control Panel” – on the control panel, you will be able to monitor your trading activities and make adjustments to the settings in accordance with how you want the software to manage your trading activities.
  • “Trading History” – this shows you a comprehensive history of all your transactions including gains and losses.
  • “Open Transactions” – on this tab, you can manage all live transactions in real time. This feature is used by traders to monitor the trading activities of the Bitcoin Revolution at all times.
  • “Go live account/demo” – this feature allows you to activate the live trading function or demo trading.

live trading

The Bitcoin Revolution is primarily designed for trading Bitcoins; however, you can also trade other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin and Ripple.

The different cryptocurrency option allows users to select different trading pairs. For example, they can match the EUR/USD against a selected cryptocurrency pair. After choosing a trading pair, the user will need to determine the limit value for each transaction. At this point, the automated trading feature handles the transaction.

  1. Making a Deposit

The demo trading account gives you as much as $1,500 for practice on the automated trading platform. However, you will need to deposit real money to start the live trade. The Bitcoin Revolution has a minimum deposit limit of $250. While trading, users are advised to monitor the trading activities, re-invest earnings and withdraw a part of their profits.

The deposit can be made via MasterCard, Visa debit cards, American Express, Neteller and the Discover Network. The variety of payment options is commendable; it allows more users from all parts of the world to trade with the Bitcoin Revolution.

It is common to find many traders who have just created accounts trying out the demo trading feature. They need to know how the system works and if it is worth making a deposit. This is a good approach; we know traders have different goals, so it is good to confirm that the trading system is a good match before financial commitment. You can open a Demo Account here.

Here are some other facts that will interest you. We have been quite thorough in this review because it is important to know all about the features which help users to attain maximum benefits.

Key Features


The projections regarding profits actually depend on your experience as a trader in cryptocurrency. However, your chances of earning remarkable profits as a new trader are higher when you use the Bitcoin revolution. Making the right decisions regarding reinvestment can also increase overall earnings on the platform.

Verification System:

Every user is expected to undergo a mandatory verification to ensure details such as names, contact information are correct. The process has been simplified to ensure traders can receive activation confirmation for their accounts and start trading.

Withdraw and Deposits:

We tested the withdrawal system on the Bitcoin Revolution. It was above average. After initiating a withdrawal request, the system processed our request, and in less than 24-hours, we received the value in our bank account. This will be a plus for traders who need funds quickly, in addition to the multiple payment options for deposits, the withdrawal system is one of the attractive features traders will appreciate.

Costs and Fees:

We also checked our transactions to determine if charges were made while the account was created or other processes. It is with a sigh of relief that we can confirm that no hidden charges were discovered.

User Testimonials:

On the website, we read testimonials from current users; they are all positive. The users encourage more people to sign up and start enjoying the benefits of the automated trading system.

Customer Service

To make inquiries or for complaints, there is a customer support system that is available 24/7. Communication with the support team is done via email or live chat. The response is quick, and from all indications, the support team has been well trained to help users overcome all issues.

Here’s a close look at how the system works

All users can select brokers online to link their accounts. If you choose to use the automated trading feature, your funds will be invested in assets that potentially tend to yield profits. The brokers who manage these automated systems are experienced and have proven track records of excellent trading and profit making. This means every transaction can potentially give you remarkable earnings.

Based on this system, it is understandable that the success rate is very high, unlike other cryptocurrency trading platforms. You can get as high as 95% in earnings on a good trading day.

All this information can be analysed through the demo account which simulates a live trade to show you how the process is done.

We are happy that this system exists; there have been many sad reports of fraudulent activities on some automated trading platforms where the users lose their funds. In some cases, user information can be compromised when it is provided during the registration process. There are also bogus promises of huge profits to be made on other platforms; sadly, none of these claims is ever confirmed.

This is why we have invested our time to analyse and review the Bitcoin Revolution to reveal all you need to know about the system.

Bitcoin Revolution Advantages

It is rare to find a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers such a unique combination of features. In many cases, you can find other cryptocurrency trading robots that are missing some essential features. For example, the payment options may be limited, no demo account, or unsatisfactory customer support system.

After our comparison, we can affirm the following advantages;

Quick Setup

The Bitcoin Revolution has a responsive design that is easy to use. The unique algorithm improves the user interface to make the system less complex. In a few minutes, users can create an account and start trading.

Impressive success rate

Averagely, we discovered concurrent trades could attain success rates as high as 88%, and sometimes 95%, depending on the trade. Users can also start trading with as little as $25 per transaction, at the minimum $250 deposit.

Demo account for practice

Before committing your funds, you can try the demo account to experience how the system works. There is no limit to how long you can use the demo account; this means you can fully become satisfied before making a financial commitment. There is also a lot of free information for new and existing users. The brokers organise webinars and present other content to educate all users about trading techniques and insights.

Customer support

It will be difficult without a comprehensive customer support system to help users if there are any difficulties. We were impressed with the live chat feature that allows you to get real-time support. Alternatively, you can send a query via email and get a quick response.

Can you make money with Bitcoin Revolution?

This is a crucial area we analysed because one of the primary objectives of traders is making profits. We needed to affirm that the Bitcoin Revolution is not one of the fraudulent trading systems advertised online and you can gain real value from it. We noticed many testimonials on the website. There are satisfied users who have benefitted from the system. The testimonials were encouraging, but we went further.

Our review team proceeded to perform actual transactions on the system, and we made a profit. However, the generally volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market cannot be overlooked and should be considered when making investment decisions. The developers of the Bitcoin Revolution have thoughtfully designed the system to make it suitable for new and experienced traders.

New traders will find the following tips for trading helpful;

Start with minimal investments

We advise that your first financial deposit should be the minimum allowance- $250. This deposit can give you leverage to understand the platform and start earning a profit before you make larger deposits


You can make more money when you invest again. We advise that you withdraw your earnings and reinvest a part of it for trading. This is a better approach rather than leaving your funds untouched in the system.

Learn from the experts

The brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Revolution as experts who know much about trading in cryptocurrency. Thankfully, they share this information on the website as blogs and tutorials. You can read and learn from this content to know more about the market.

Careful Investment

We advocate the need to learn and improve your knowledge about cryptocurrency trading constantly. This information will help you make better investment decisions. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies has made it necessary to invest only what you can afford to gamble with instead of depositing your entire life savings. Our findings reveal that the unique features of the Bitcoin Revolution have not prevented some users from losing their funds because of careless decisions.

Follow these tips, and you should be among the top winners with Bitcoin Revolution. While it is apparent that high investments increase your earnings, making informed decisions based on market trends is the right way to go.

Public reviews of the Bitcoin Revolution

Before we commenced our research to know more about the Bitcoin Revolution, we discovered that some websites advertise the trading platform. However, we found out they were all fake. There has been no media coverage on the TV, or affiliation with other websites. However, we are certain the unique features of the Bitcoin Revolution and its increasing number of satisfied users will give the Bitcoin Revolution a global recognition in the nearest future.

Here are some of the false claims about the Bitcoin Revolution we discovered;

Dragon’s Den

Our intensive investigations revealed that the Bitcoin Revolution has never been mentioned or referenced on the popular TV show Dragon’s Den. These false claims are posted by websites to deceive the public into buying their fake products.

Shark Tank

Some advertisements insinuate Bitcoin Revolution is somehow affiliated with the creators of Shark Tank, the hit TV show. This is also not true and misleading.

This Morning (British TV Show)

We also found out that the Bitcoin Revolution has not been endorsed by the presenters on “This Morning” TV show as falsely depicted by some people online.

Are any celebrities affiliated with the Bitcoin Revolution?

The astonishing trends in the cryptocurrency market attracted many A-list celebrities who were interested in investing. However, this trend has been wrongly used by some online marketers to insinuate celebrities have endorsed products such as the Bitcoin Revolution. Here are some of the cases we found;

Jamie Oliver

The rumors are not true; Jamie Oliver has not made any confirmed investment in the Bitcoin. The fake news wrongly insinuates that Jamie Oliver is one of the top gainers whose investments in Bitcoin have yielded much profit after trading with the Bitcoin bots.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson has not hidden his support for cryptocurrency and the market. However, he is not affiliated with the Bitcoin Revolution in any way as insinuated by propagators of fake news. They have tried to lure the public to buy their products, under the guise of Bitcoin bots for trading, by claiming it has been endorsed by Richard Branson.

Davide Tucci

This is one of the popular ones; we discovered it is not true that Davide Tucci is one of the users of Bitcoin trading bots that almost doubled the initial deposit of 250 Euros and earned 483 Euros in three minutes. Sounds attractive but it is not true, as we can confirm.

Sir Peter Jones

Sir Peter Jones is a British born millionaire and entrepreneur who has a large number of followers online and in real life. This must be why his name has been falsely linked to the use of robots for trading Bitcoins. But there is no confirmation this news is true.

The Bitcoin Revolution mobil app

It should also be noted that a mobile app for the Bitcoin Revolution is yet to be launched. However, we are satisfied with its performance on popular browsers used by many people. The website is also responsive and can be accessed with smartphones.

Bitcoin Revolution Review; Our conclusion

After a close observation, we discovered that many of the people who claim they have had a negative experience with cryptocurrency trading bots are not entirely fair. In many cases, they did not achieve their goals and proceeded to spread biased views about the trading robot unfairly. There are risks in the cryptocurrency market, and nothing can be guaranteed 100%. This is why cryptocurrency traders need to use tools such as the Bitcoin Revolution because it has been tested and reviewed by our experts.

Don’t take our word for it; try out the Demo Version for free to have personal trading experience.

Official Bitcoin Revolution SiteOpen Free Account in 47 Seconds


Does the Bitcoin Revolution have a high success rate?

Yes, it does. We performed transactions with the platform, and the outcome revealed a success rate estimated at 88%.

Have celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Revolution?

Many celebrities advocate investments in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. However, the Bitcoin Revolution has not been endorsed by any celebrity.

After creating my account, can I withdraw Bitcoins from the Bitcoin Revolution platform?

It is not possible to withdraw Bitcoins directly from your Bitcoin Revolution account because its features do not include a wallet. Your deposited funds are managed by the online brokers who invest and make profits for you. You can withdraw your earning in a local currency, to your bank account or selected payment option.

Why are there so many products similar to the Bitcoin Revolution and do they all offer the same benefits?

It is not surprising to discover many similar tools now exist because the Bitcoin Revolution has been remarkably successful. Some of the related tools such as Bitcoin Cash also exist and perform well. However, many of these offers and tools are managed by scammers; this is why you should only use a trusted brand such as the Bitcoin Revolution.

What is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that can be traded and used for purchases. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The decentralised nature of the Bitcoin makes it independent of other financial institutions. The Bitcoin trades are managed by miners who perform transactions and publish the reports on the Blockchain- a distributed ledger. Bitcoin is currently accepted in parts of the United States and Asia.

Is it mandatory to have Bitcoin savings before using the Bitcoin Revolution?

No, it is not necessary for you to have any Bitcoin savings before using the Bitcoin Revolution software. That’s why the tool was created, to enable people to make profits from Bitcoin trades without the need to buy and save the cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading platform that manages all trading activities for you. All that is required is a deposit equivalent to the minimum deposit $250, in your local currency. While automated trading is done, you can monitor transactions and make withdrawals after earning a profit.