IQ Option Review

IQ Option has made trading profoundly convenient through its online platform. It enables the user to perform even the complex trading strategies using several financial instruments like cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, ETFs, and forex.

Operated by the IQ Option Ltd., this broker was initiated in 2013. IQ Option’s growth has been phenomenal and with 1 million transactions per day and 48 million registered users, it has become the leading trading platform in the world. Traders from Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, and India use the IQ Option trading platform for their transactions daily.

IQ Option is based in Cyprus and regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). This review on IQ Option will help you to decide whether or not it can fulfill your trading needs through elaborated knowledge about the platform.

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The best choice
☑ Over 80+ assets to trade now
☑ Huge range of educational tools
☑ Licensed under CySEC jurisdiction
☑ Payouts of over 85% on most trades
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What it Offers

IQ Option is a robust trading site that provides its consumers a variety of choices, and since beginning off as a binary options trader, IQ Option also enables customers to swap Contracts for Differences (CFDs) on commodities, Tokens, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Forex, and several other digital options.

  • Forex – FX trading, or Forex, is an increasingly common financial activity and IQ Choice gives exposure to some 188 currency trading pairs. This helps consumers to conveniently exchange their favorite international currencies.
  • EFTs – EFT investing is a comparatively recent commodity, and ETFs work by monitoring asset prices, indices, and baskets. These can be exchanged in the same lines as standard stocks, and traders can pick from about 4288 separate ETFs.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Users will also be willing to exchange 12 of the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Zcash, Omisego, IOTA, and Dash.
  • CFD on Stocks – IQ Choice enables users to exchange CFDs on stocks of more than 176 separate firms including the most active NASDAQ and NYSE listed businesses.
  • Options – Users can gamble on the price of different assets, including currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. At present the website is a path to more than 10 million alternatives.

IQ Option Demo Account

IQ Choice provides a free account, as do other rivals. The sample account of IQ Choice, therefore, stands out. That is because there’s no restriction on how long the trial plan will be used. This helps you to feel completely at home with your trading techniques. It also allows you to future check new trading approaches.

The sample account with the IQ alternative requires $10,000 in virtual funds. If you are using all those virtual funds, you can quickly replenish the number, enabling you to continue to practice your trading techniques.

Another advantage of the trial account is the fact you don’t have to have contact details until you use it. It is not necessarily the case for competitors. The lack of personal details needed for a trial account helps to preserve the privacy of prospective clients.

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IQ Option Real Accounts

IQ Option needs low minimum deposit and new traders may start by simply depositing $10 to gain access to a live account, there are currently two choices for a trading account:

  • Real Account – It can be reached with a minimal expenditure of $10 and Trading functionality is not limited. This account offers links to more than 70 properties and consumers will submit withdrawals and will be handled within 24 hours. True account holders may also compete in different trading contests (customers outside the EU) conducted on the website.
  • VIP Account – This is open to Traders who make a deposit of $1900 or an equal sum in certain currencies, or Provide a trading volume of $15,000 “IQ Choice Ltd. has VIP status for non-EEA traders”. In addition to the functionality seen on the regular account, there is always a professional advisor in the VIP account who is also able to assist traders with any questions and problems. The VIP account also comes with a monthly update on consumer trading activity, which is checked out by experts from the company and gives useful input on their results to consumers.

IQ Option Signup

The easiest way to get started is by signing up through Facebook, Google, or simply by using an email address to build an account. You will continue after you have entered your information and generated a token. When that is completed you will use your trial account directly or upload your actual account before going on to live trade. A pop-up will inform you of both your practice account and the actual account being established.

IQ Option has established its proprietary framework which makes site navigation a nice experience. The interface has been broadly well built with an intuitive approach and the position of all the various tools and features is very straightforward. The free sample account also offers users the possibility of dealing with all the underlying funds. As a consequence, there is a range of choices for trades forms, and users may move between their desired assets easily. The platform also provides a variety of charting devices, such as bands from Bollinger and moving averages, both of which help boost trading functionality.

Robot Rating Properties Trade

The best choice
☑ Over 80+ assets to trade now
☑ Huge range of educational tools
☑ Licensed under CySEC jurisdiction
☑ Payouts of over 85% on most trades
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IQ Option Deposits

There’s a minimum deposit of 10 USD / GBP / EUR with the IQ Alternative. You should pick your desired deposit type and IQ Choice does not incur any fees for depositing money. You would need to go through the account verification phase to make the first deposit, which in the EU includes inserting the address, personal details, inserting your trading background, and uploading photo documentation. Various countries may have specific conditions and would, therefore, need evidence to allow transactions from the platform.

IQ Option provides a range of forms for its clients to make deposits and transfers to and from their trading accounts. Currently customers may use debit services such as Maestro and Visa Electron, or credit cards such as Visa and Master Card. Besides, consumers will use a variety of payment processors including Skrill, WebMoney, Cash U, Neteller, and Moneybookers. There is also the opportunity to accept Wire Transfer transfers and the new minimum withdrawal sum is $2, whilst the approximate withdrawal period is 1 business day. Your bank can charge the process fees. As of writing, deposits through PayPal are still not permitted by IQ Choice. The framework does work to make this an alternative, however.

IQ Option Withdrawals

When it comes to removing funds from your IQ Choice account the process used can change depending on the type of deposit. In the event of withdrawals with a credit or debit card, the original deposit balance will be deposited from the account. As this withdrawal is treated as a refund, you can only withdraw your credit or debit card up to that number, even deposits made within 90 days. Every income that reaches this limit would need to be deducted from a bank transfer or your e-wallet of choosing.

The e-wallet withdrawal solutions are similar to those for deposits such as Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller. Additionally, with a bank transfer, you may extract those earnings. Bear in mind that a bank transfer option will come with a $31 charge. You will transfer the funds to the same e-wallet account in the case of deposits made with an e-wallet. Whoever your mode of removal, IQ Option should handle the request within three working days. Credit cards and payment service providers can need extra processing time. Bear in mind that you will validate your identity by sending verification papers before you can transfer funds from your IQ Option identity. This includes the uploading of:

  • A photo Identification, including a certificate for a car or a passport.
  • In the event of a transaction made with a bank card, you will always post a photo of each card used on both hands. Cover the card number from the CVV number and the middle digits. Hold four digits available for the first six and last. It is for your protection.

How to Trade on IQ Option

Trading on IQ choice is fairly easy and a well-built trading network. You can see the map of purchase and sale boxes on the right side in the middle. The balance, along with any funds you currently sell, is listed at the left.

The drop-down found at the top left of the chart region may be used to pick which instrument to sell. The drop-down includes FX Options, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Assets, Indices, and ETFs and you can then pick or check for the commodity you have selected.

You sell right from the GUI of the Cloud Trader. To the right of the charts, you can see choices for purchasing and selling your preferred commodity. You fill in the sum of the product that you want to purchase and send your request.

You can conveniently place an order through the mobile device, too, and the overall configuration is quite close. You’ll see the same choices to the right of the table, with the opportunity to change funding, leverage, and interest, and then pick buy or sell. This segment of the trading site will show the spread as well for clarification.

Users may now quickly check for their favorite cryptocurrencies and review all the details that are most important and up to date. Besides selling Bitcoin and Ethereum, IQ Choice still provides trading in at least 10 other cryptocurrencies. This includes Dash, Standard, Ethereum, IOTA, Ripple, Litecoin, and Monero.

The GUI also offers simple ties to conversations, trading past, and consumer service, so users can quickly open a conversation with the support department in case of any problems. Another highlight attribute is the portion of services that offer links to materials for training and schooling. The platform incorporates a variety of brief training videos and traders can use these tools without needing to exit their training accounts.

Also, the trial edition of the trading app is the same as the real one, so traders can boost their abilities by utilizing the $10,000 in virtual funds that come with the practice account. Such funds can be replenished even though things go wrong, offering traders a stable pool of funds to work with.

Order Types & Stop Loss Tools

As anticipated from current trading sites, IQ Option offers traders with a variety of styles of orders to rising vulnerability and customize the trading experience. The range of order choices helps traders to build plans with a variable return that is quick, medium, or long-term. Multipliers enable traders to increase the amount of risk for investment with subsequent raise in return.

Stop-loss orders let traders set maximum losses they would tolerate, stopping the exchange immediately if enabled. Taking profits does the same thing except you decide where the exchange hits the income. A trailing stop can allow an auto-close to work dynamically at risk, going with the market in the direction suggested by the trader. Buying on preorders helps sellers to determine the price at which they can join the business.

To supplement the types of instructions, IQ Choice provides a variety of methods for establishing stops and benefit taking. Whereas most brokers merely let you pick the asset price, IQ Option enables you to assign either a ratio, multiple loss, or individual asset price to the take benefit or avoid loss.

Order Types

With IQ Option there are various types of orders available, with the different types of orders available differing by the asset.

  • Trailing stop orders build upon the concept of a stop failure by utilizing auto-close at stopped dynamically. A trailing stop order should shift in the direction you mean, with the price adjustments.
  • Take profit orders are essentially the reverse of a stop-loss order. You specify the sum of income you want to make, and when it hits this stage, the order automatically closes.
  • Stop-loss orders allow you set maximum losses you’re going to take. When this sort of order is activated it eliminates the exchange immediately to reduce the losses.
  • Multiplier orders allow you to increase the return on investment through a multiplier and your degree of risk. This is a common resource among experienced traders but due to the elevated danger it can only be used by those with experience. It will significantly raise future income when appropriately used.
  • Finally, a pre-order or buy enables you to pick the price you want to reach the business at. When the demand hits this stage, the exchange is conducted automatically.
Robot Rating Properties Trade

The best choice
☑ Over 80+ assets to trade now
☑ Huge range of educational tools
☑ Licensed under CySEC jurisdiction
☑ Payouts of over 85% on most trades
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Charting Tools

The broker provides a wide range of charting software that can give feedback to support customers devise their trading strategy to ensure that traders can get the best from the trading site IQ Option.

Candle charts are amongst IQ Option traders’ most common. These candles signify a duration of time, with solid colors suggesting variability during the given period and points marked at the start and end of the given period for the date.

Hollow candles are comparable. Nevertheless, the positive candles are hollow instead of only utilizing solid colors, while the negative candles are flat.

IQ Option also provides region charts displaying the price in a line shape, along with coloring for the area below. Line charts are identical except there is no coloring of the field beneath the diagram.

Lastly, bars, such as candle charts, span a period you designate. At the beginning and end of the cycle they show the prices but do so with vertical lines. There are complementary horizontal lines that show open and close prices.


You can see patterns with the indicators on the IQ Choice and help recognize possible trades that will lead to benefit. IQ Choice includes 13 indicators accessible via the chart interface, some may be used to optimize the outcomes and ideas, individually or together.

  • Moving Averages (MAs) include Simple Moving Averages, Weighted Moving Averages, Smooth Moving Averages, and Exponential Moving Averages. They may give visibility into emerging patterns which can be viewed in tandem with other metrics.
  • The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicates that the moving averages merge and diverge, visualizing the relation of two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs).
  • The Parabolic SAR targets similarly to traveling averages. However, the price-based location switches as it shifts with higher acceleration. It occurs in a collection of tiny dots.
  • The Awesome Oscillator shows a two SMAs (Simple Moving Averages) visualized ratio, with one rapid and one sluggish. The metric helps to demonstrate the production and finishing of new developments.
  • Bollinger Bands are trend indicators which display a dynamic price movement range.
  • Volume Indicators indicate the sum of your preferred commodity bought and sold during a defined time, showing value.
  • The Alligator Indicator allows you to determine the course of consumer activity and assists in screening sidebands (no-trend times). Overall, this metric lets traders identify patterns that are developing, which is cross-functional.
  • The Relative Strength Index (RSI) assists in assessing the severity of an existing pattern, as well as possible turnaround stages. It correlates (absolute) asset price increase with the overall price decline, displaying this across a graph.
  • The Stoch or Stochastic Oscillator indicators display the present value of a price when opposed to the peaks of your time of preference. This is seen as a percentage which can help you evaluate probable reversal points.
  • The Average True Range (ATR) shows the actual variance of a trading commodity within the defined time frame and calculates the quota rate of adjustment.
  • Once the market change starts, the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) indicates the power of a movement. This may also reflect some future shifts in market activity.
  • A fractal is a sequence that involves a total of five Japanese candlesticks, displaying local maxima and price curve levels as well as reversal points on the sector.
  • The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) eventually tests the pace correlated with market changes. It lets traders predict potential market reversals and may spot spikes or measure the severity of a pattern.

Additional Features

IQ Option focuses a fair deal on its consumers and the app helps customers to trade with trust by integrating a range of apps that significantly improve the overall trading experience. Including:

  1. Mobile Integration
  2. Trading Competitions
  3. Education and Training Resources

Mobile Integration

In addition to a specific mobile application, IQ Option offers a mobile web trading solution that gives users greater versatility when it comes to mobile trading options. The software has a simple, elegant user interface, which is quick to use; it also has much of the regular platform’s charting choices. The app also offers push notifications, and consumers can set the main thresholds of trading that will result in warnings if certain rates are violated. The software runs on tablets as well as mobile phones, and the application is open to smartphone holders from both Android and Apple iOS.

Trading Competitions

If you’re outside the EU, then the chance is offered to customers to test their expertise against other traders via a variety of Binary Option tournaments. Such annual tournaments typically have a duration of about 30 minutes and involve a small entry fee. Users are paid $10k in virtual funds upon signing up, and after the competition; the investor with the best profit earns a bonus.

The award will be set or linked to the number of participants attending the game, which at most helps the winner to earn up to 100x the entry price. If users are depleting their virtual assets, they can purchase it again, and proceed to play in additional tournaments. This offers an immersive way for consumers to check their trading skills and to pick up new trading techniques. Please notice that you will forfeit your entry fees while competing in tournaments, as well.

Robot Rating Properties Trade

The best choice
☑ Over 80+ assets to trade now
☑ Huge range of educational tools
☑ Licensed under CySEC jurisdiction
☑ Payouts of over 85% on most trades
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Education and Training Resources

IQ Option also allows a range of data accessible to all its members, and the platform provides educational tools that will help both more seasoned and younger traders. These involve numerous videos on trading, as well as webinars and tutorials. Users do have links to a variety of e-books and a FAQ segment answering the most commonly asked questions.


IQ Option is an amazing platform which provides a great deal of value to its users. The app blends a high degree of openness and accessibility so users can feel confident ensuring the website conforms to the current financial regulations. Trading on the web is usually a relatively straightforward process and the company utilizes an elegant user interface that is simple to use. The software and trading framework is robust enough for experienced traders while still being sufficiently simple to enable new entrants to learn the trading method painlessly.

IQ Option is a rising business that has expanded to operate approximately 15 million customers that conduct 3 million average trades. The company also boasts a trade rate of $11 billion a month and paying out over $5.7 million a month to its customers.

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