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To purchase a token, you have to:

To purchase CTLcoin with BTC / BCH / DASH / ETC/ NEO / ZEC and other currency, use the service, specifying the ETH wallet to which you will receive CTLcoin in the payment comment.

If you want to buy a smaller amount or you prefer to use the interface of the exchange, then you can use the decentralized exchange:
To be able to see your CTL tokens in the wallet, you need add our token address inside MetaMask, MyEtheriumWallet, Mist, Parity 0x2196E47caCB13AF456d89C2601fC0d3B9b76FC91
●     In any case do not use the wallet addresses of stock exchanges, otherwise you will not receive CTL tokens. You have to use one of the standard . MetaMask, MyEtheriumWallet, Mist, Parity.
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